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Universal Contour Wrap

Experience the wonders of our Universal Contour Wrap

The Original Sea Clay Body Wrap treatment detoxifying, contouring and revitalising. Get an instant result with a 6” figure loss guaranteed!

  • Firms and Tones
Ideal after weight loss or pregnancy
  • Removes Toxins
  • Quick fix for last minute holidays or special events
  • Kick-start a slimming program
Reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks

The secret to the Universal Contour Wraps guaranteed inch loss, is in the unique clay formula and special wrapping techniques used during the treatment, by our specially trained therapists.

The two hour treatment consists of being measured pre treatment, wrapped in bandages that have been pre-soaked in a warm, mineral rich clay solution.
Then you relax for an hour while the minerals are absorbed by your skin, the clay draws out toxins to leave you looking and feeling great. Finally you have your post treatment measurements taken so that you may compare the results.

Anyone can benefit from this treatment regardless of gender, size or shape.


Express Body Wrap Kit

Slimming body wrap treatments are top selling treatments during Summer and as it gets busy in your salon, you may want to consider offering quicker alternatives to the full guaranteed UCW body wrap.

The brand new Express Body Wrap allows you to offer partial body wraps to your clients in just 35 minutes. The more affordable, quicker wraps will allow you to offer your clients courses of treatments and have greater ability for add-on sales.

Why is it so good?

  • QUICK: It takes just seconds to mix the small amount of clay into a paste and spread onto your client. No need to turn on heating tanks and wait for hours.
  • DISPOSABLE: Bandages are removed and thrown away, No need to wash and re-roll bandages after each treatment.


  • SIMPLE: The kit contains instructions demonstrating how to wrap each partial area; no need for therapist training

Kit provides 10 treatments & includes:

  • 10 x 85g Classic Clay Solution Bags
  • 20 x Disposable Body Wrap Bandages
  • 1 x Measuring Cup
  • 1 x Instruction Leaflet





Universal Contour Wrap - Get an instant result with up to a 6” figure loss

Universal Contour WrapSingle Treatment2 hours£85.00
Universal Contour WrapTreatment Course3 x 2 hour sessions£235.00
Express WrapPer areaN/A£28.00
All prices are inclusive of VAT at the current standard rate