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Swedish Massage

You can chose a relaxing neck massage, back or full body

Enjoy, Relax and Destress with a massage

Specific blended oils are used to relax you. Massage helps relieve your tired aching muscles while bringing about a sense of wellbeing and calm.
If you’re suffering from tension or stress a massage will help relieve the daily pressure of a modern hectic lifestyle.
Massage has been used for hundreds of years to help with mental fatigue, muscle strain, stress and improves the immune system.

Benefits of massage:

Calming, Relaxing, Improves nervous system, Lymphatic drainage, Repairs muscles, Sense of wellbeing


Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage originated from the ayurvedic tradition of medicine.

This treatment is administered while you are sitting up and focuses on the head. Pressure points are located to relieve your stress and relax your muscles.
Incorrect posture and everyday stresses put too much pressure on the neck and shoulders.

Circulation and respiratory function is improved,  Relief from insomnia, tinnitus and sinusitis, Lymphatic drainage, Relief from jaw and cranial tension, Relief from migraines and toothache, massage relieves tension effectively unlike other massages.

HOTSTONESHot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage relaxes the muscles without the need for deep pressure.
Our hot stone massage combines, heat, massage and the placement of stones to specific areas of your body.

You will feel your stress slip away as you slowly relax





Massage Treatments (Swedish Massage)

Standard MassageNeck and ShouldersN/A£18.00
Standard MassageFull BodyN/A£51.00
Standard MassageBack (includes neck and shoulder)N/A£30.00
Standard MassageIndian Head MassageN/A£32.00
Hot Stone MassageBack MassageN/A£35.00
Hot Stone MassageBack and LegN/A£44.00
Hot Stone MassageWhole BodyN/A£58.00
Pregnancy MassageFull BodyN/A£51.00
Pregnancy MassageBack, neck & shouldersN/A£30.00
Pregnancy MassageBack & LegsN/A£35.00
All prices are inclusive of VAT at the current standard rate